Preston Point Pricing

The following information relates to the facilities at 220 Preston Point Road in Bicton.

Room TypeCategoryMaximum
Room Size
(excluding ensuite)
Standard SharedShared Room + Shared Ensuite217.7m2
Deluxe SingleSingle Room + Private Ensuite115m2
Premium Single BalconySingle Room + Private Ensuite115m2

Our Preston Point facility offers care recipients a variety of residential room choices in our Acacia Wing, along with our dementia-specific rooms in the Trish Gloede Wing.

The Preston Point pricing covers the Trish Gloede and Acacia Wings; Acacia offers the Deluxe and Balcony rooms, with the Trish Gloede rooms being single, with garden views.

Payment Options at 220 Preston Point Road in Bicton.

For all room types, care recipients can choose to pay for their accommodation by a refundable deposit, a daily payment, or a combination of both. Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) is a lump sum amount paid for accommodation, and is the price of the room. This amount is fully refundable when you leave the residence. A Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP) is a calculated cost based on the price of the room and is charged every 28 days if the RAD has not been paid. Combination of RAD and DAP is another option available. Clients can elect to make a partial lump sum payment of the RAD, the DAP is calculated on the remaining unpaid amount of RAD.

Trish Gloede Single – Dementia Specific

Our Dementia specific rooms are safe and comfortable, fully furnished and well-appointed with the comfort of our dementia care recipients in mind. They offer single accommodation for one person with safety-proofed, shared ensuites. Each room includes quality floor coverings and furnishings with reverse cycle air-conditioning for the year-round well-being of our care recipients.

All rooms open out onto garden views, with outdoor furniture.

Pricing ExamplesRefundable Deposit
Daily Payment
100% RAD$550,000$0.00
75% RAD$412,500$26.60 / day
15% RAD$82,500$90.43 / day
0% RAD$0.00$106.38 / day

Acacia Deluxe Single

Located in our Acacia Wing, our Deluxe Single rooms are all private rooms with their own ensuites. Each room is well-equipped with large ensuites, purpose-built wardrobes with vanity and mirror, quality floor coverings and air conditioners for comfort.

Pricing ExamplesRefundable Deposit
Daily Payment
100% RAD$400,000$0.00
75% RAD$300,000$19.34 / day
50% RAD$200,000$38.68 / day
25% RAD$100,000$58.03 / day
0% RAD$0.00$77.37 / day

Acacia Premium Single Balcony

Our Premium Single Balcony rooms are perfect for care recipients who enjoy being able to view the outdoors from the comfort of their room. We only have two (2) of these premium rooms in the Acacia Wing, with both including a private ensuite with direct balcony access, furnished with the same quality inclusions as the Deluxe Single rooms.

Pricing ExamplesRefundable Deposit
Daily Payment
100% RAD$545,000$0.00
75% RAD$408,750$26.35 / day
50% RAD$272,500$52.71 / day
25% RAD$136,250$79.06 / day
0% RAD$0.00$105.42 / day