Trish Gloede Wing
Dementia Specific Rooms

Our Trish Gloede Wing has been specifically designed to cater to the care and safety of our care recipients living with dementia.

All rooms are comfortable and cheerful with access to a secure outdoor area where care recipients can freely wander within the outdoor areas.   

We provide all the care needed to maintain the health and happiness of our care recipients, such as access to specialised therapies, medical services, geriatricians and dementia specialists.

We also offer special programs to assist with behaviour management and to ensure you have peace of mind in knowing your loved one is cared for and engaging in social activities.

Our care includes:

  • Daily health-checks
  • Safety-proofed, comfortable rooms
  • Social Programs
  • 24/7 professional care and medical access
  • Safe social outings

You are welcome to visit your loved one as often as you can, but rest assured that they are in a safe and secure environment, cared for by our attentive and compassionate team.