Bristol Ave Pricing

The following information relates to the facilities at 41 Bristol Avenue in Bicton.

Room TypeCategoryMaximum
Room Size
(excluding ensuite)
Deluxe SharedShared Room + Shared Ensuite216m2
Standard SharedShared Room + Shared Ensuite214m2
Deluxe SingleSingle Room + Shared Ensuite114m2
Standard SingleSingle Room + Shared Ensuite114m2

All rooms at Bristol Avenue come with curtains and sheers and include privacy curtains screening the bed, windows fitted with fly screens, wide doors for ease of mobility and attractive vinyl flooring.
Every room is furnished with high quality, electronically-adjustable beds, bedside tables and comfortable visitor chairs.
They are also fitted with nurse call points, ability to connect a wall mounted flat screen TV, a telephone and picture rails. The private ensuites are large and neat, with colour-coded tapware, grab rails and 3-in-1 ducted heat/light/exhaust systems. Each room also has an individually controlled air conditioning and heating system for year-round temperature regulation.

Payment Options – 41 Bristol Ave in Bicton

For all room types, care recipients can choose to pay for their accommodation by a refundable deposit, a daily payment, or a combination of both. Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) is a lump sum amount paid for accommodation, and is the price of the room. This amount is fully refundable when you leave the residence. A Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP) is a calculated cost based on the price of the room and is charged every 28 days if the RAD has not been paid. Combination of RAD and DAP is another option available. Clients can elect to make a partial lump sum payment of the RAD, the DAP is calculated on the remaining unpaid amount of RAD.

Standard Shared

Our most cost-effective room for couples or for those wanting some company, the Standard Shared room fits two people comfortably with a large ensuite.

Inclusive of all the furnishings, these rooms are also larger than the standard.

Pricing ExamplesRefundable Deposit (RAD)Daily Payment (DAP)
100% RAD$350,000$0.00
50% RAD$175,000$33.85 / day
0% RAD$0.00$67.70 / day

Deluxe Shared

If you prefer a room with a view, the Deluxe Shared rooms include the same variety of amenities as the standard shared rooms – able to accommodate two people with a large ensuite – but also offer direct courtyard access.

Refundable Deposit
Daily Payment
100% RAD$400,000$0.00
75% RAD$300,000$19.34 / day
50% RAD$200,000$38.68 / day
25% RAD$100,000$58.03 / day
0% RAD$0.00$77.37 / day

Standard Single

For those who desire their own space, our Standard Single rooms are ideal. Including all the extra service features and a private ensuite, this well-appointed room is all yours to enjoy some privacy when you need it.

Refundable Deposit
Daily Payment
100% RAD$450,000$0.00
75% RAD$337,500$21.76 / day
50% RAD$225,000$43.52 / day
25% RAD$112,500$65.28 / day
0% RAD$0.00$87.04 / day

Deluxe Single

The Deluxe Single rooms are equal to our standard single rooms in services and inclusions, but you can also enjoy a view and easy access to the outdoors with direct access to a courtyard.

Refundable Deposit
Daily Payment
100% RAD$545,000$0.00
75% RAD$408,750$26.35 / day
50% RAD$272,500$52.71 / day
25% RAD$136,250$79.06 / day
0% RAD$0.00$105.42 / day