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Carinya on Bristol
Residential Rooms

Our Bristol Ave residence has Extra Service Status*.

This means, when selecting your preferred facility, you can choose to reside in this style of accommodation where we are able to provide all the trimmings. This is inclusive of but not limited to, a higher standard of accommodation, food and more individualized services than is required in a non-extra service facility.


All rooms are freshly painted with a large private ensuite, well-appointed with high-quality furnishings and fitted with extra luxurious bedding. We also provide shared rooms for couples. These rooms are for those who enjoy the finer things and want extra comforts along with access to all the services and care provided to our other care recipients.   

Extra services include:

  • Larger rooms with finer furnishings
  • Daily Newspapers & Magazines supplied for communal access, TV/Video/ Foxtel and stereo system in recreational areas
  • Access to a communal Apple Mac with internet/Skype facility
  • Weekly complementary therapy
  • Alcohol options provided with meals
  • Regular special morning and afternoon teas (family members welcome to attend!)
  • Increased choices of meal selections
  • A concierge to provide assistance other than personal care.

We love that we can offer this extra service facility and are confident that we have included everything possible to ensure Bristol Ave is a safe, comfortable and enjoyable home for our care recipients.

*Extra Service Status has been granted special approval from the Commonwealth Government & attracts additional fees.